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Why is it that every single web hosting company on the planet except for GVO is scared of bulk email marketing? Why do most web hosting company's associate email marketing services with spam? Maybe they just don't understand? Just in case you're one of those individuals who doesn't understand the difference, please allow us to elaborate.
What is SPAM Email?
(Yikes! Most hosting companies won't even type that word on their site)
Spam email is unsolicited commercial email. This means if you email someone a commercial offering or opportunity, who did not exclusively ask to be emailed by you, that's SPAM. We HATE spammers with a passion!
What is legitimate email marketing and bulk emailing?
Ok, someone comes to your web site and wants to know more about you. So they become part of your email contact list by filling out a form on your web site. This is legitimate email marketing and this is where GVO shines. Not only do we allow all types of email marketing and bulk mailing, we provide you the tools to do it!
  • We actually GIVE you our professional auto responder service and bulk mailing software FREE with your hosting! Others charge $50 A MONTH for a measly 5,001 members list! When it grows to 10,001 you get charged $130 EVERY MONTH. With GVO You get up to 10,000 on your list for FREE. YES FREE! Now that's email marketing power.
  • We actually go way beyond the software. We provide you with professionally designed lead capture pages so that your email marketing becomes truly turn-key. No matter what your internet experience is.
  • We provide professional quality education on how to build a MASSIVE list into the hundreds of thousands!
So why do we do this? Why do we want you to become a pro at email marketing?
It's Simple! There is a direct correlation between the size of your email marketing list and how much money you make online. We want you to make a KILLING online. Why? Because when you grow, we grow. When your income is secure, then the money you pay us is secure. Make sense?
Also, if you start to make a killing online, are you going to refer our services to others to make a life-long residual income? You bet you will!
Why & How to use Email Marketing
Depending on the type of business you run, the thought of having to answer numerous email enquiries can be a nightmare. However, there's no doubt if you want to run a professional and successful internet business you need to include email marketing as part of your strategy. With so much competition around these days, you need to keep your name in the forefront of peoples' minds when they are seeking the kind of product or service you provide.
One way to do this is to use an auto-responder service. This is a very time efficient and cost effective means of communicating with prospects, clients and customers via pre-written messages.
Often referred to as permission marketing, these email messages are sent out automatically as a result of someone giving a website owner permission to contact them. Large or small, capturing names and email addresses is the primary focus of many online businesses in order to allow them to "follow up".
Auto-responder or email marketing messages can be used for a variety of purposes such as providing a response as quickly as possible, to answer the same inquiries and FAQ's, provide price quotations, supply product information, or to send out friendly greetings and regular newsletters.
There are two different types of messages. The first are automated and are set up to be always dispatched in the same systematic order. They will always be accessed in the same order and time scale regardless of when a person submits their contact details.
The second are known as "broadcasts" and these are live messages used to relay time sensitive information. As these messages can be set up, changed and delayed at will, and even designated to be sent out at a certain time of day, they really are intelligent programming.
Many companies provide email marketing or auto-responder services but there are certain criteria you need to consider before deciding which one would be best for your business. These are:
  1. How reliable is the deliverability and what percentage of emails and newsletters will get through the numerous spam filters?
  2. Are you allowed unlimited marketing campaigns, and can you set up multiple lists?
  3. Is there any tracking data and can you segment your lists?
  4. Can you send "broadcasts" to more than one list and be selective about which lists to include?
  5. Are there any additional charges if your list exceeds a certain limit?
  6. Can you import contact details from other sources?
  7. Is there good free customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  8. Is the system easy to set-up?
  9. Are there any Contact Form templates available?
While there are free auto-responder and email marketing services available, these free services are offered by companies who send out their own advertising messages with yours, so the reality is you're actually promoting their products and diluting your professional message and brand.
Here at GVO we include a free auto-responder service as part of our affordable Titanium web hosting package. E-ResponderPro has an independently confirmed exceptionally high deliverability rate, and it favorably ticks all the boxes for the above questions.